Terms and Conditions

Deposit and Payment – You will be asked to make a £30 deposit to confirm the booking, payable by electronic transfer or via Paypal. The balance is payable either by electronic transfer prior to the date of delivery or in cash on the day of delivery ( cash payments may be in either euros or pounds sterling and the exact amount of any balance payable will be notified at the time a booking is confirmed).

Delivery – We ask that you ensure you are available at the agreed time and date and place of delivery. We will specify either a morning or afternoon delivery but will also indicate an estimated hour of delivery and do our utmost to deliver at this time. You must advise us as soon as possible if you are not able to attend the agreed delivery, in which case we will do our best to agree a new time and date of delivery with you but you will remain liable for the full cost of the originally agreed hire period.

Your use of bikes and equipment – We ask you to agree to take all reasonable steps to care for the bikes and equipment hired to you from the point of delivery until collection, to use them in accordance with the manner for which they were manufactured, and to ride safely and responsibly on suitable roads and terrain only. The hire bikes are not mountain bikes and should not be used on unduly rough terrain or in salt water.

We ask that you take all reasonable steps to prevent loss or theft of the bikes and hire equipment and that you use the locks provided when any bike is left in a public place, and that no bike is left unattended in a public place for prolonged periods. In the event of loss or theft of any bike or equipment, which must be notified to us immediately, you accept responsibility for payment of a replacement fee of £250 per bike or reasonable replacement fee in respect of other equipment.

Liability – Please note that Bikes4Gites, its owners and agents and employees are not in any way responsible for any injury or loss to you or any third party caused by your use of the bikes or hire equipment, including damage to or soiling of any clothing or footwear, unless directly attributable to negligence on our part.

Cancellation and Refunds – You may cancel the hire agreement at any time up to 48 hours before the agreed delivery date, in which case a full refund will be given of any payments made save the non-returnable £30 deposit paid at the time of confirmation. If we are unable to provide you with the agreed bikes or hire equipment for any reason for the agreed hire period or any part of it, a part refund will be given.

Call out Fee – Any faulty equipment will be replaced free of charge and no callout fee will be payable, unless the fault has been caused by your inappropriate use of the bikes or equipment. In the event that you call us out to replace a bike due to a puncture only, or to mend a puncture only, then a callout fee of 30 euros will be payable .